Cemetery Care

The Ohio Township Trustee has the duty to maintain abandoned cemeteries in the township. Every effort is made to maintain a dignified appearance and ensure that the proper maintenance of the cemeteries is preserved. Statue IC 16-23-14-68-3 defines what the Trustee is obligated to do for care of the cemetery.
The Township Trustee cares for cemeteries with the following conditions:

  • Cemeteries without funds for maintenance.
  • Cemeteries in existence before February 28, 1939.
  • Cemeteries not managed by any viable organizations.
If anyone has any historical information regarding the Township cemeteries our office would appreciate you sharing the information with us. 812-853-8835

Currently, there are four cemeteries that the township maintains.

Bell Road Cemetery
(Historical Black Cemetery)

5244 Bell Road; Newburgh, IN 47630

North of Post Office on Bell Road, .80 Acres


Hedges Cemetery

8222 Covington Court; Newburgh, IN 47630

Covington Court, .80 Acres


Union Cemetery



6088 Oak Grove Road; Newburgh, IN 47630

Corner of Oak Grove and Anderson Road, 1.20 Acres


Sharon Cemetery

5388 Lenn Road; Newburgh, IN 47630

North of Sharon School on Lenn Road, 2.20 Acres


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